6 Things You Can Do With Your Rose Quartz Crystal Pleasure Wand

As if you needed more reasons than one to indulge your body and soul with one of our Crystal Dildos - that’s right, girl, you can say it. Dildo. It’s okay, there are more than one way to enjoy and benefit from them too...

   1.  You can use the Rose Quartz Pleasure Wand as the world intended; for your sacred pleasure.

This one shouldn’t need explaining, close the door, do your thing. Self love (aka masturbation; play; self exploration) may help you to sleep better, feel more comfortable in your own body, and can even help to support your stress levels and support period pain. #Winning.

  2.  You can use them to intensify the loving energy between yourself and another.

Let’s face it, your partner is working away at you - a Rose Quartz Pleasure Wand can only bring you to higher (sexual) highs. Crystals are energy channels and when combined with sexual, loving healing - well, you can imagine the rest. Luuuush.

  3.  You can take it into the shower - to warm it up - or...

A lot of Rose Quartz virgins ask us if the pleasure wands are cold. We would never describe these Crystal Dildos of heaven as ‘cold’; they can be cool and -trust us- that can also feel great. If you’re interested in experimenting (let’s face it, if you’re reading this you probably are) we recommend trying it cool first and see how it warms - place it in the fridge for a few hours beforehand, if you’re brave enough If you find you prefer warm from the get-go then simply take it into the shower with you and let the warm water and steam do it’s thing then you do yours…

   4.  You can use Rose Quartz in your meditation or manifestation practice.

Soak up the crystal energy, clear your mind, manifest. Place your Pleasure Wand on your heart chakra. Inhale and exhale the light. Savour the energy. Repeat. It really is that simple. 

   5.  You can treat yo’self to a supercharged Rose Quartz bath.

If you’re feeling low, you’re not really in the mood, but you need to do something for you. Pick up that Dildo and place it in the bath - just let it stay there. The Rose Quartz Crystal can help to supercharge and infuse your water with loving energy as you practice a little self care. As you soak up this energy this Rose Quartz charge can help raise your spiritual vibration. It feels great on the skin, too.

   6.  You can cleanse your body with fresh emotion and ‘let go’.

If you’ve experienced a breakup or if you need to “let go” of a toxic situation, the Rose Quartz (and self love - if you know what we mean) can help you to surge up emotions so that they are released from your body. It’s a powerful thing. We suggest doing this 3 times a week to get a sense of this ‘cleanse’.